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The lowdown

Are you bored of stale drum machines and repetitive drums loops?

Don't want to spend hours programming a drum part by hand?

Or why not have a custom live drum or percussion track written, played and recorded specifically for your songs?

Well its easier than you think! For the fraction of the cost of hiring a studio, session drummer, engineer etc, just contact the Groove Master. You get an FTP site to upload your track, I then return to you two drum parts: One will be the completed track, the other will have alternative drum fills, accents and grooves which you can chop in to your hearts content

This is quick, easy and affordable!! Mike Setup



Step 1: Establish contact (email or phone) to discuss what you need and agree a fee

Step 2: Email, upload or post the track to me

Step 3: I'll record a drum track to your specifications and one with alternative fills, accents and grooves for you to approve

Step 4: Once you are happy with the track, you pay the agreed fee and I send you the individual drum tracks via email, ftp, or post.

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